Max Steel (2013 TV Series), also known as Max Steel or Max Steel Reboot, is a reboot of the Max Steel (2000 TV Series). This TV Series is about a kid named Maxwell McGrath who lives with his mother, Molly McGrath, and then they move to Copper Canyon. Then in Copper Canyon, Maxwell discovers that he can generate a blue energy called T.U.R.B.O Energy. He later discovers that his uncle, Forge Ferrus, is the commander of a top secret agency called N-Tek. It is a very cool Agency with weapons, gears, robots, and other things. Then Forge Ferrus presents to Maxwell, Steel, an Ultralink that wants to help Max to control his T.U.R.B.O Energy. But also, they became into Copper Canyon's favorite hero known as Max Steel. They can both Turbo transform into any Turbo Mode they want. Some like Turbo Flight, Turbo Strength, Turbo Speed, and others Turbo Modes more. They will need to use these Turbo Modes to protect the world from the most deadliest and dangerous villains in the world. Like The Elementors, a race of Ultralinks that can control one element. The main ones known are Fire Elementor, Earth Elementor, Water Elementor, and Air Elementor. But when they are combined together, they turn into a giant, four armed Elementor known as Ultimate Elementor. Also another villain like Toxzon, a toxic mutant that wishes to one day, contaminate the world with his most dangerous toxins. He used to be a man named Tytus Octavius Xander. And along with him, his not alive friend, Fishy. Toxzon has the ability to create toxic creatures known as Goopaniods. Also Extroyer, a creepy monstrous villain who can extroy into any animal he touches, like a Extroyer Black Tiger, Extroyer Spider, Extroyer Shark, and an Extroyer Black Cobra. And Max's archenemy, Miles Dredd or also known as Dredd, an armored man who wants to take away Max's T.U.R.B.O Energy and to find all Ultralinks that exist in the world. Also Jason Naught, Dredd's Bio-Android that wants to destroy Max Steel, along with the Dredd Naughts. This TV Series was aired on March 25, 2013, written by Matthew Drdek & Lloyd Goldfine, and directed by Len Wiseman & Paul W. S. Anderson.

Plot Edit

A kid named Maxwell McGrath discovers that he can generate a blue energy called T.U.R.B.O Energy. His uncle who works for N-Tek, Forge Ferrus, presents to Max, Steel. Together they can turn into awesome Turbo Modes. Also they will defeat villains that are very dangerous. They will also discover more about their lifes. Max wants to know more about his father's death and Steel about where he came from and his past, which he doesn't remember a lot about.

Episodes Edit

This TV Series aired on March 25, 2013 and there were 2 seasons aired of it. 26 episodes in each season, which equal 52 episodes in the series. Season 1 pilot was Come Together Part One and the Season Finale of Season 1 was Earth Under Siege Part Two. Season 2 pilot was Ultralink Invaison Part One and the Season Finale of Season 2 was TURBO Nova Part Two. The episodes of Season 1 were 20 minutes long, but Season 2 are 26-30 minutes long.

Season 1 Edit

1.) Come Together Part One

2.) Come Together Part Two

3.) Come Together Part Three

4.) Cleaning House

5.) Secret Identity Crisis

6.) C.Y.T.R.O Attacks!

7.) Hard Water

8.) The Thrill of the Hunt

9.) Extroyer Unleashed

10.) Live by the Sword

11.) Supermania

12.) Uncle Sam Wants You!

13.) Elements of Surprise Part One

14.) Elements of Surprise Part Two

15.) Driven

16.) The Truth Hurts

17.) The Secret Admirer

18.) Scrambled

19.) X Marks the Spot

20.) Gone Fishin'

21.) Making the Grade

22.) Split Decisions

23.) Pick Your Poison

24.) Thanks, I Think

25.) Earth Under Siege Part One

26.) Earth Under Siege Part Two

Season 2 Edit

1.) Ultralink Invasion Part One

2.) Ultralink Invasion Part Two

3.) Dredd Ascendant

4.) Toxic Relationship

5.) Full Metal Racket

6.) Animal Attraction

7.) Turbo Deep Blue Sea

8.) Ultralink Hunter

9.) Digital Meltdown

10.) Journey to the Center of Copper Canyon

11.) Hot Zone

12.) Lights, Camera, Max!

13.) The Legend of Ja’em Mk’rah

14.) Makino Strikes Part One

15.) Makino Strikes Part Two

16.) Got TURBO Star

17.) My Best Friend is an Ultralink

18.) Me, Myself and Extroyer

19.) Defiantly fear the Reaper

20.) Turbolt the Terrible

21.) Reprogrammed

22.) A Germ of an Idea

23.) Fugitives

24.) The Great TURBO Star Caper

25.) TURBO Nova Part One

26.) TURBO Nova Part Two

Characters Edit

Here are the following characters that appear in the TV Series, like the heroes, allies, villains, and minor/ supporting characters. Here are the following.

Heroes Edit

  • MaxMcgrath1 profileImage tcm421-50504-1-
    Maxwell McGrath: Maxwell McGrath (Voiced by Andrew Francis), also known as Maxwell or Max, is a 16-years-old teenager that lives with his mother, Molly McGrath. His father, Jim McGrath, died before Max was born (Jim's death was 16 years ago). Max later discovers that he can generate a blue and powerful energy known as Tachyon Unlimited Radiant Bio-Optimized, also known as T.U.R.B.O Energy. He is later taken to N-Tek, and then he discovers that his uncle, Forge Ferrus, who is the commander and co-Founder of N-Tek, along with Jim McGrath and Miles Dredd. Max later meets Steel, an Ultralink that will change Max's life and will later turn Max into the world's greatest and powerful hero in the world known as Max Steel. Maxwell and Steel don't know a lot about their past and also they don't know about N-Tek, also N-Tek's true mission that Forge Ferrus is hiding from Max and Steel. Max has a friend named Kirby and has a crush on a girl named Sydney. Max wears a camouflage mode, so no one can see him with the Turbo Base Mode on (Which won't take off because it is permanently on Max) and he doesn't wants to no to know that he is Max Steel.

  • Steel3 profileImage tcm421-50516-1-
    Steel: Steel (Voiced by Sam Vincent) is an Ultralink, which is an alien that is mostly made out of technology. He was brought to Earth in a starship and then he was found by the co-Founders of N-Tek. Then he was used for an experiment with T.U.R.B.O Energy. They wanted to know if an Ultralink can control T.U.R.B.O Energy, as a condo. But the experiment failed and Jim died and Miles Dredd turned into a powerful man who can have the ability to absorb T.U.R.B.O Energy as his power up. Also, Steel shut down for 16 years, until Forge brought Max, his nephew, to N-Tek because they discovered he could generate T.U.R.B.O Energy. And thanks to him, Steel tunred back to life and Steel Ultralinked to Max to make them Max Steel. They are the same because they both don't know a lot about their past and they want to know what is N-Tek's true mission. Steel also wants to get answers from Forge, but then he later wants to ask the villains that are Ultralink, like The Elementors (As seen in Elements of Surprise Part One) and Extroyer (As seen in Scrambled).

Allies Edit

Villains Edit

  • Axel
  • Dwayne
  • Vin
  • Col. Castle's Army
  • Dr. Elimo
  • Trixie Sparks
  • Mai Shang

Minor/ Supporting Characters Edit

  • Jim McGrath
  • Dr. Thornhill
  • Mr. Jones
  • The Vendor
  • Klean Kal
  • Reporter
  • THI Technician
  • Intern
  • Fire Fighter
  • Robber (1)
  • Robber (2)
  • Cute Girl
  • Student
  • Security Camera
  • Martin
  • Lewis
  • Police Officer
  • Hero-Man
  • Laser-Lass
  • Cobrasauras
  • Prison Guard
  • SWAT Captain
  • Cole Plante