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|caption =

|gender = Male

|occupation = Makino's Elite soldier

|hair color = N/A

|eye color = Red

|weapons = razor sharp crystals

|first appearance = Ultralink Invasion Part One

|species = Ultralink

|friends = Makino,Metal Elementor,Miles Dredd,Blast Link,Chomp Link,Jason Naught,Ultimate Elementor

|enemies = Max Steel,Steel,N-Tek Agents

|voiced by = Lee Tockar

Prism Link is a new villain that appears on Season 2. Prism Link was once a normal Evil Ultralink. He was once a blue Makino Elite Ultralink, who linked with some crystals, turning him into a crystallized Ultralink Beast. Prism Link can shoot crystals from his hands. Prism Link's first appearance was in Ultralink Invasion Part One.

Origins Edit

Four Ultralinks were sent from outside the atmosphere, to Miles Dredd and Jason Naught. Then Miles Dredd surrounded the Ultralinks with a blaster, crystals, and a venus flytrap. Then three of them linked with the items that were infront of them. Then those three Ultralinks turned into Monsters. But one of them is a Monster that is made from the crystals, who is known as, Prism Link.

Background Information Edit

Hi, my name is Prism Link. I was once an Ultralink from Makino. I am loyal to Makino, like all the Ultralinks and Megalinks. Then I was sent by Makino in a meteor shower with three other Ultralinks, to Miles Dredd. Then in his secret hideout on Earth, I linked with some crystals, which turned me into a crystallized Ultralink Beast. I am loyal to Makino still and I want to destroy my races' archenemy... MAX STEEL!


season 1 =

season 2 = Ultralink Invasion Part One,Ultralink Invasion Part Two,

Gallery Edit

the Gallery for Prism Link can be seen here

Trivia Edit

  • Prism Link is Vocied by Lee Tockar
  • He looks like ice.
  • He can shoot crystals, like the original Extroyer did.
  • The Ultralink of Prism Link was a blue Makino Elite Ultralink, but he is red with the crystals.
  • Prism Link's ability of shooting crystals from his hands, is a little similar to Rahzar from TMNT 2012 and diamond head from ben 10, who can shoot his fingers at enemies.