Max Steel Plaztek
Toxic Relationship
Season 2, Episode 4
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Air date June 25th, 2014
Written by Sean Jara
Directed by Daniel Ife
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Toxic Relationship is the 30th episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series) and the 4th episode of Season 2. It was written by Sean Jara and directed by Daniel Ife. The episode was aired on June 25th, 2014.

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When an Ultralink bonds with Fishy and then turns into Plaztek, there is a lot of trouble going on when he teams up with Toxzon.

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  • This is the first appearance of Toxzon in Season 2.
  • Fishy turns into Plaztek.
  • Fishy/ Plaztek dies because Max Steel drilled him with his Turbo Drills.
  • Plaztek was confused of who Fishy was.
  • Toxzon hallucinated that Fishy was trapped inside Plaztek's Ultralink as his prisoner, only that Fishy was Plaztek.
  • Toxzon wants revenge on Max Steel because of the death of Fishy.